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Home Buying Decisions—How to Make Them [VIDEO]

  That's a start!  You made the first decision—to click on this article. And another one to keep reading...   [SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEO] See, decision-making doesn't have to be so daunting, does it?  Every day and every minute we make choices—both consciously...

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6 Reasons the VA Loan Blows Other Loans Away!

6 Reasons the VA Loan is the best loan program available! You’ll agree that the VA Loan Blows other Loans Away with these 6 reasons…even use your VA Loan for 2-4 unit INCOME properties!…Herein lies one of the biggest advantages to the VA Loan: while the average homebuyer must…(and therefore possibly missing out on any opportunities along the way)… the VA Loan allows Veterans and Active-Duty Service-members to purchase a home—for NOTHING down…used my VA Loan for the first time in San Diego…

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VA Home Loans: 5 Reasons they Rock! [VIDEO]

January 19, 2016 by Jed Bratt   If you have honorably served our country, it's important for you to know about the benefits you have earned when it comes to buying a home.  As an 8 year Navy Veteran myself, I have obtained multiple VA Home Loans throughout the...

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